TY 3yo Grey gelding from Adobe Town WY

TY 3yo Grey gelding from Adobe Town WY

Southern Oaks Equestrain Center is excited to announce that  Marsha Hartford-Sapp has been selected as a trainer to participate in the  Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge. This event, hosted by the Mustang Heritage Foundation, highlights the versitality beauty, and trainability of the unique breed, the American Mustang.

The contest selects qualified trainers from through out the US to gentle, train, and then compete on a wild  Mustang, all within a 100 day time frame. Trainers are competing for  in prize money. Even better than a weekend of fantastic competition with some of the best trainers, each and every Mustang used for the competition will have a permenant, loving home. The Extreme Mustang Makeover is my way to contribute to the overwhelming need to place mustangs that have been removed from their homes and awaiting loving families. To date their are over 35,000 wild mustangs in holding facilities awaiting adoption.

A little from my bio that explains why I do this:

   I have trained hundreds of horses, bred warmbloods, and have coached hundreds of riders over the years. To me it is a desire to share knowledge where I can and make the world a better place for our equine Partners. In 2009 I began training wild mustangs, a path of self discovery that has permenantly made its mark on myself as a horsewoman. I was looking for a way to improve communication, both on the ground and from the riders seat, and what better way than with a wild horse that was as pure, as open as they come. A blank canvas if you will. The lessons I have learned from the wild horses has improved everything about my training program, my vision of how a horse should be, and opened my eyes to an awareness in communication...... I had not even been close to before. They have made me a better trainer for my clients horses, a better instructor for my students, a better role model for the youth, a better person for me.


 Please check back often to follow the journey and transformation of the wild  Mustang!  We want to be able to show you how our humane, non-resistance training works to bring out the best in each individual animal.

The following videos are from summer 2013: