Marsha Hartford Sapp

The boogey man in the closet. The purple elephant in the room. That little voice you can't get to be quiet in your head. When we anticapate that something will happen, we send signals to our horse during our ride. We create an uncertain follower when we doubt our horse.

    Many of us ride with some amount of anticipation, or fear.  Many of us live in fear that the worst will happen, and the reality is that 99% of those things will never happen to us.

 Anticipation and stress is the worst part of being afraid, because of the "what ifs" and the played out scenerios we have in our heads. Fear creates an on going soap opera that plays in our minds, and at times can be disruptive to reality. Try not to spend alot of time worrying about something that probably wont happen, and instead focus on what can and will happen when you ride your horse in the present moment!

 Your horse needs and deserves a confident and precise leader. Riding should be seen as a dance, with a clear lead. You are that clear lead for your horse. Every stride, every ride. Make it happen in your mind, and you will be amazed what you horse can and will do for you!